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Blake Owen Brewer Co. L.P.A. is a federally- designated Debt Relief Agency.  We are proud to assist people filing for bankruptcy.


Filing for Bankruptcy in North Eastern Ohio

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Welcome to Here you will find all the information you need about filing for bankruptcy in the Northern District of Ohio. I have successfully represented hundreds of individuals who filed for bankruptcy in Ohio, and I am uniquely qualified to help you through this stressful time. If you are searching for a Ohio personal bankruptcy lawyer to represent you, take a moment to complete our Free Ohio Bankruptcy Consultation Form or contact me directly at 216-642-8234.

If you are a consumer looking for information about legal debt relief through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, spend some time exploring my website. You can find many of the answers to your Ohio Bankruptcy Questions.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful time. Understanding bankruptcy and knowing you’re being represented by an experienced bankruptcy attorney, will allow you to move forward with confidence and stop dwelling in the past.

Receive a Free Bankruptcy Consultation and start on the road to recovery, today!

If you believe filing for bankruptcy is your best option, take a few minutes to fill out our Free Bankruptcy Consultation. It will supply us with all the information we need to determine if you are a good candidate for filing bankruptcy in the Northern District of Ohio.

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Approved Credit Counseling Agencies for U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Ohio

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